What classifies as a statement necklace ?

Statement jewelries are bold may be colorful or shiny and usually have an interesting stylish form in order to catch attention.
Chunky Chain necklaces and bracelets are statement pieces too and they are made to stand out to make a statement and make every outfit look amazing.

For those women who like to have all eyes around the neckline Chunky Chain necklaces are just perfect!
These oversized Chunky Chain jewelries work with almost anything in your closet and will add a stylish punch even to the simplest look. A Chunky Chain necklace looks perfectly chic with a basic tee or shirt and jeans combo as it will add spice to the look and act as the point of attention of the outfit.
But they are also a good choice for a night out, try yours with a cocktail dress and high heels and the effect is guaranteed.
Chunky Chain necklaces or bracelets are meant to be the principal and the most characteristic pieces of your outfit so make sure that the rest of your accessories stay simple.
Of course you can pair your Chunky Chain necklace with Chunky Chain bracelets as they have the same style it will not be a “fashion faux pas”.
But stay away from over accessorizing your look with further bulky bangles, rings and earrings.
Choose instead simple and delicate jewelries which will nicely complement your Chunky Chain necklace or bracelet without overwhelming your look.